“Susanne is a wonderful yoga teacher and I always thoroughly enjoy her classes. She has a lovely calm and nurturing quality. I always leave feeling an inch taller and completely de-stressed. What I particularly like is her attention to detail with her verbal instructions and demonstrations, allowing you to fully benefit from the postures you are guided through. I would highly recommend to all yogis from newbies to those with experience.”
~ Sarah Lockhart-Martin

“I have been following Susanne’s class at Embody for a while and her knowledgeable and gentle approach has transformed my yoga practice. She has taught me so much about correct alignment and she guides the class safely through the poses. Her Basic Yoga class was brilliant for me as a complete beginner and is still adding so much benefit to my practice.”
~ Katrine Berry

“Susanne’s teaching style has a combination of warmth and technical knowledge that I love. She gives great direction on how to go into poses safely and most effectively and I take that into every other class I do.”
~ Victoria Myatt

“Susanne is a patient and sympathetic teacher who takes the time to give individual attention to each student. She runs the class with precision and provides detail that makes its easy for yoga novices to pick up. Her warm and welcoming approach instills a sense of calm which means I never want the lesson to end.”
~ Joanne Randal

“Every week we clear the reception area after work and Susanne converts it into our very own pop-up studio. After a busy day at the desk and in meetings, there is nothing better than taking some time to reconnect, breathe and flow. Susanne’s style is calm, but strong, and incredibly energising. She has turned many of the team who had been too shy to go to a class, into yoga disciples. I couldn’t recommend Susanne more highly.”
~ Elin de Zoete

“I would go as far as to say that Susanne is the best yoga instructor I’ve had. She has a wonderful way of walking you through postures and transitions, breaking each down to its component parts. This means that I get the most out of every position, without going any farther than my body feels comfortable with. I leave every class feeling stronger and more relaxed.”
~ Tahani Saridar